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On stage with Fula
On stage with Fula

My name is Nigel. My website is nigenet. I decided to give WordPress a go, and so that is – essentially – what this blog is here for.

I’m a bass player, I play in a neoprogressive rock band called Fula. I also drink coffee, and tea, and beer, and other things. I have also recently rediscovered my love of photography, having treated myself to an Olympus e-410 digital SLR :-). And I’m a code monkey. That is, I write code. That is the part of my life that actually makes money, which I can then spend on coffee, tea, beer, as well as photography and bass guitar stuff 😉 Although I have experience using C and C++ (and even COBOL from back in my college days!), I primarily develop these days using PHP. I took the shift to web development some years back you see.

This blog will feature my witterings on a range of topics, such as what’s in the news, techno stuff, photography, and more. Please leave comments if you want. Obviously I have no problem with constructive criticism, but plain nasty comments are at risk of being culled. And, of course, no spam… although the people who leave that won’t be reading this bit anyway 😉

Somehow or another, I seem to have ended up being over 40. Not sure how that happened.

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